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Your Work Uniform – What Materials Should it be Made From?

One of the most important elements of a company is their uniform. It serves as a symbol of their identity and is something which all their workers will wear when they are out in the world interacting with customers, or on the telephones to customers inside the office. In any instance, you want to choose the correct materials for your uniforms. We’re taking a look at the materials which you could use for your uniforms.


So, what materials should I use for uniforms?

The types of materials that you should use for uniforms will depend largely upon the kind of profession your company is specialising in. It’s not a good idea to put waiting staff in baggy trousers and polo shirts, much in the same way a plumber isn’t going to be happy if he’s trying to work in a formal suit.

So, to try and figure out what materials would be best, we’ll be looking at the different types of professions available. Let’s start with builders and tradesmen, people who spend their days building things and getting dirty. In this instance, you’ll want to use maintenance uniforms which are very robust and durable. Fabrics which are tough and do not rip or tear easily are a good bet here. This will allow for flexibility of movement when on the job, which can be vital if you need to get inside a maintenance hatch or a narrow crawl space to repair something. Footwear in this kind of job should be well designed and sturdy. Steel toe capped shoes would be a good idea if you’re working with heavy materials, as a broken foot will put a worker out of commission for weeks on end.

If you were working in an office, or a restaurant, then the rules would be somewhat different. Waiting staff, for example, are usually wearing all black or a white shirt against black trousers. In that case, they should also be tough, although the focus on durability is not as prominent here. As well as this, they should be comfortable and look presentable, as they’ll be wearing them for the entire time they’re working. Footwear should be sensible and yet formal at the same time, as a dirty pair of trainers will ruin the image. Above all else, the employees should look presentable and tidy, in order to maintain a sense of professionalism.

Overall, the uniforms you wear should reflect the profession you’re in. If you’re a handyman or someone who is going to be doing manual labour, then you should dress the part and wear clothing which is as rugged and practical as possible. If you’re an office worker, then the emphasis will be on looking professional and presentable, especially if you spend a lot of your time talking to customers face to face. The uniforms you wear depends entirely upon your profession, but they should match as best as you can to what you do all day every day. By having the correct uniform, you’re better equipped to tackle any challenges that you may come across.