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Eco Friendly Packaging Trends

EcoFriendly Packaging Trends

Packaging plays a huge roll in communicating with your consumers. If you have a product on the shelves in stores then it may well be the first time your potential customers may see it and the packaging alone can often differentiate between a sale and no sale. We’ve conducted a little survey from some of the UKs top supermarket experts. We’ve complied the data and were able to draw conclusions as to what some of the most important and successful eco-friendly packaging trends are and what you should consider for your business.


You should make consumers aware that your packaging is sustainable and that it can be recycled. Consumers what to see brand doing the right thing by using environmentally friendly packaging. Do you use packaging that is recycled, sustainable or biodegradable? If so, make this clear on your labelling and make it known that your business actively supports eco-friendly initiatives.


Interaction with consumers is becoming vital every day. It is now far easier for consumers and brands to communicate – through social media. Packaging can play a role in this and you should use it to incite communication. On your packaging or label you can print hashtags and social handles. Doing so can help promote your brand’s awareness online. QR codes can be added to give extra info such as nutritional info, additives and preservatives, your company’s carb foot print etc. The more info on offer the more authentic and credible your business becomes.

Effective Packaging

Transparent packaging works for some. It depends on what you are looking to achieve though. Transparent packaging gives those who want to see how the product looks before purchasing, that opportunity. The feedback that we got for this, was focused around beverages, particularly smoothies and juices as customers liked to see the textures and colour before purchasing. Additionally, transparent packaging allows those to check the freshness and quality before buying. For transparent packaging to be eco-friendly we’d suggest opting for RPET or PLA or even paper packaging with a window.

Is It Clean?

Keep your labels clean and simple. Consumers are demanding more nutritional info about what it is they are actually going to consume, yet don’t want labels that are cluttered with useless information.

Over 50% of consumers will read the label about nutritional info and ingredients and over 75% check for artificial preservatives. Be concise and to the point but still engaging whilst addressing this info. This is super important if the packaging and food is geared towards children. There are a few extra factors to consider for this consumer group – yes bright colours are usually attractive, but the parents have to approve. Ensure information is present such as:

  • Sugar and/or sweetener content
  • Health benefits
  • Additives / preservatives

If you’ve got a product on the shelves or are due to launch soon – take these points into consideration to help drive sales! Eco-friendly packaging supplier – The Paper Cup Factory.